Accon is the best multi-project Construction Development system. Accon has an electronic checking and approval system for each transaction and every transaction has a logged reporting system which indications that by whom the demand has been created, checked and approved. The modules are integrated with each other. Each module has its own detailed brief and categorized reporting system.

The system has multi branches/locations having separate and composite accounting systems as well as capable of operating multi-users with administrative and limited rights. This System will save your backup files by clicking just one button.

In all modules, there are multiple search options to find out the required record. E.g. to find a Purchase Invoice, possible search options are Search by “Inv no.”, “Date”, “Vendor”, “PO No.”, “Amount”, “Remarks”, “Courier”, “Consignment No.” etc.

Accon is also capable to give you a complete company Chart of Accounts entered in the database with comprehensive numbering, means you don’t need to enter the chart of Accounts from search. The system will have composite reporting for all branches and for the individual branch or head office. Accon is also SMS Integration with Invoice, Payment Received Voucher.


Security Features

Initial Master Configuration

Onilne System with Auto Backup

Stock Reports


Account Reports

SMS Integrated System

Automated & Integrated Software Solution



User Rights Management

Multiple Options to View/ Print a Report

Exportable and Email-able Reports

Multiple Options to Search anything

Digital Signature