Cosmek is the best Inventory Management system & Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Basically this system is specially developed to cosmetics manufacturers & traders to manage stock and production and as well as trade. Cosmek’s modules are integrated with another, each module has it’s own detailed categorized & summarized reporting system.

The ERP system and the module Warehouse Management System (WMS) have separate and composite accounting systems as well as capable of operating multi-users with executive and limited rights.


Cosmek is also capable to give you a complete company Chart of Accounts entered in the database with comprehensive numbering, which means you don’t need to enter the chart of Accounts from search. Cosmek’s Order Management Systems (OMS) has composite reporting for production and order status of all users and for the individual user. Cosmek is also SMS Integration with Invoice, Payment Received Voucher.


Security Features

Initial Master Configuration

Onilne System with Auto Backup

Barcode Scanning Sale and Return

WIP Status

Order & Production Status

Reduces manufacturing cycle time

Reduces or eliminates data entry time

Reduces work-in-process

Reduces  paperwork between shifts

SMS Integrated System

Reduces lead times

Improves product quality

Eliminates lost paperwork

Stock Reports

Account Reports

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