• Customer Services Management

    Customer service management software is the solution of servicing to your customer in the best possible way.

Customer Service Management is any instrument or procedure used to collect customer data and to deliver a better user client experience. What Customer service management software do actually? In a simple way, it saves information of a customer and relevant complaint and tracks and follows up all the actions that are taken and going to be taken to provide a service in the best possible way.

We customize all types of customer Service Management software one of the most famous our application is RepPro (An online/Offline ERP for Mobile Phone Repair Factories and Service Centers), RepPro is almost all famous mobile brands are using like GreenTech, Airlink, Smartlink, Advance Telecom, Tech Sirat, M&P, Yellow Stone, Iva Mobile, and POP Global Distributions.

Our Product related to Customer Service Management (CSM)

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