Facterio is Pakistan’s best Factory software. There are many big brands/companies using Facterio like Seiko Brake Lining, Focus Interior, New Modern Textile, etc. The system has multi locations/branches having separate and composite accounting systems as well as capable of operating multi-users with limited rights administrative. The system has a very detailed search, tracking system, productivity, material consumption, inbound, and outbound of material/product.

In all modules of Facterio, there are multiple search options to track & find the required record. E.g. to find a product, possible search options are Search by “Product no.”, “Date”,  “Status”, “Courier”, “Consignment No.” etc.

Facterio is also capable to give you a complete company Chart of Accounts entered in the database with comprehensive numbering, means you don’t need to enter the chart of Accounts from search. The system has composite reporting for all sections/branches and for the individual branch or head office. Facterio is also SMS Integration with Dispatch, Status Voucher.


Automated & Integrated Software Solution




User Rights Management

Multiple Options to View/ Print a Report

Exportable and Email-able Reports

Multiple Options to Search anything

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