• Multi Store POS (Point of Sale)

    POS stands for Point of sale. The POS is the place in a shop, store, restaurant, etc. where a product/service is passed from the seller to the customer.

Traders normally use a POS system to complete a sales transaction. In a most simple definition, a POS system is a combination of hardware (POS terminal, scanner, thermal printer etc.) and POS software to create a POS machine for processing transactions.

Our POS software, Retailin is easy to use user-friendly software capable of all necessary actions like Sale, Purchase, Product transaction, payment transaction, stock inventory control, Account Management etc. Retailin is also available with an online option to access remote branches and reporting from anywhere in the world. Retailin is a cost-effective software which has no subscription fee Monthly/Yearly.

Our Product for POS (Point of Sale)

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